Clear a Criminal Record in the Places That Matter Most

Clear a Criminal Record in the Places That Matter Most

Your criminal record can follow you around your whole life, making it difficult to find employment, housing, government benefits, and financial aid. Plus, you need to be able to lawfully possess firearms again. Whether you were convicted, acquitted, plead guilty, or even if the charges were dropped, these instances still appear on your record. Anyone who has paid their debt to society should be allowed to go through life without the stigma of a criminal record following him or her.  Even if you were found not guilty of a crime, the arrest and the fact that you were charged are still out there messing with your life.  

People choose The Willis Law Office, LLC for expungements because The Willis Law Office, LLC has solutions that proactively clear your criminal record in the places that matters most.

Expungement proceedings often get complicated and can require multiple court hearings, arguing your case against the prosecutor or explaining things to a judge. We will conduct the research, file the necessary motions, respond to written or oral opposition from the prosecutor, and Kevin Howard Willis will personally appear in court to argue the case in front of the judge.

Why get an expungement?

1. Employment

Many employers have firm policies against hiring an individual with a criminal conviction. A felony arrest or conviction can be distinctly devastating, not just for job applicants, but also those seeking a promotion or facing a termination decision by their employer. Seal it now and get started on your new career!

2. Family law.

Is your baby daddy or baby mama always bringing up your record in family court and holding that over your head? It’s time to take that argument away from them and gain an advantage in family court. You shouldn’t get kept away from your kids because you made a bad decision in the past.

3. Right to Vote

Once your expungement is granted, your right to vote is restored. In today’s political climate, your vote is more important than ever! Don’t let them take away your voice.

 4. Gun Rights

Most expungement will restore your right to bear arms.

5. Professional Licensing

Professionals subject to state licensing, including nurses, cosmetologists, and real estate brokers can be denied their right to hold a license. Whether you starting a new career or trying to get your license off probation, expungement is the way for you to get back on track.

 6. Scholarships.

Apply for and keep your financial benefits under a scholarship or educational assistance program.

 7. Housing

Landlords are not supposed to discriminate against you because of your record – but they do! Clear your record so that you can live where you want to live and be happy.

 8. Reputation

You served your time. Why should people be allowed to hold this over your head? If you beat the case or you got it dismissed, how else can you prove your innocence? It’s time to expunge your record and no longer live with the stigma of having a criminal record.

We have successfully cleared hundreds of records all over the state of Indiana, from major felonies to the “oops” arrest. Put our experience to work for you and save time and money by hiring us to get the job done fast and right the first time. 

 If success is crucial and getting it done fast is a priority, we are the right choice for you.

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